Joel Arnold (joelarnold) wrote,
Joel Arnold

Blizzards and a Free Offer

Looks like there may be a blizzard heading this way. They are predicting up to a foot of snow. I remember once getting lost only two blocks from my parents house while driving my car in a blizzard. The snow was falling and blowing so thick that I could not see where I was, and I grew disoriented - I could not even see beyond the curb, not to mention the lawns of houses. Again, I knew my way around the area, but suddenly it felt as if I was on another planet. It was a very strange sensation.

Things like blizzards can make good devices in stories and novels, since natural phenomena like that can rob you of your senses, threaten your mortality, and potentially cause you to make hasty and/or deadly choices, especially if you're far from shelter. Although in some cases, even if you're near shelter, you wouldn't necessarily realize it.

Another neat thing about blizzards in the context of story is that it's something that causes people to slow down the farther they go - sort of like that hallway encountered in nightmares that elongates the farther you try to run towards its end. The closer it is that you think you're getting to safety, the harder it is to continue on toward that safety; plus there's the possibility that the safety you're counting on isn't there - you may have become disoriented and gone in the wrong direction.

But so, speaking of blizzards, if any of you folks would like to read my YA suspense novel Snow Burn (in ebook form) for free to get you in that blizzardy mood, shoot me an email, and I'll send you a code you can use to download it for free from Smashwords. And if you'd consider writing a review at Amazon or B&N about it, I'd be incredibly grateful (although you certainly don't have to.)

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